Top Videos on SCRIPTING with the Law of Attraction | Manifestation Journaling

If you desire to: Drop the money struggle Reprogram your money fears Reframe your money history Radically shift your limiting beliefs around money Increase your confidence Learn to live in a state of financial flow Know how to become an energetic match for cash Shift into a state of daily receiving money with ease Increase your understanding of how the manifesting of money works Experience energetic shifts just from playing the videos in the background…


Insta Story Tips + Tricks (videos)

These are my favorite tips & tricks I found on YouTube about Insta Stories – when I want to learn or improve my skill on any topic, I always head to YouTube first. . ———– How I Edit My Instagram Stories by Gemary (fav!) . ———– EDITING INSTAGRAM STORIES | HYPE TYPE, VSCO & OVER by LeChelle Taylor . ———– How I edit my instagram stories by Ilenia Martini . ———– APPS I USE FOR…


Top Books and Audiobooks on Manifesting

image source: unknown I should start by saying, I am a slow learner. It takes me about three times (or more, whatever) than a fast learner to get something new but once I learn it… that’s it… I become a master. So when it came to manifesting and understanding how I could implement the law of attraction in my life on purpose I can honestly say it took me awhile (and of course you can never really stop…


How To Create A YouTube Custom Thumbnail Using Canva (Video)

image source: unknown WHAT YOU WILL LEARN:   1. What size to use. 2. How to use icons, frames, fonts 3. How to add social media icons 4. How to take advantage of the templates 5. How to use filters 6. Adding Typography 7. And other tips & tricks   Good update to mention: 1. You are able to upgrade to canva and add your own fonts now with other additional tools available.   GOOD TO…


#pureselflove — Love Letter For The Creative, Heart-Centered Entrepreneur

image source It’s been over a year since my separation and over a year that I hired my first life coach, Amanda Frances. After my separation I ran to self-love. I’ve been in the process of discovering and figuring out exactly what self-love, success, life all means to me.I found myself in a new path in need of inspirational words and this is how #pureselflove letters got started. I needed some pure love in my life as…


3 Simple Tricks To Finding Inspiration in Everything

image source Have you ever met someone that’s bubbling over with enthusiasm and creativity and seems to be excited for every single day and each new opportunity? How did they get so blissfully inspired? What’s their secret…?Of course, there’s tons of different things that motivate and inspire people. Some come and go, others become a trusted source. A lot of times we find what works and keep going back to it again and again, hoping…


4 Awesome Business Programs That Will Make Your Life Easier

Today I’m going to share some of my favorite apps I use for my business, obviously, a huge part of my online business is running my blog, so a lot of the programs that I use the most have to do with blogging and images (and making working on the blog fast and easy).

Turn Your Rushed Panic Mornings Into a Day Full of Possibilities

Morning Rituals are not difficult to define – it’s basically something you do every morning after you wake up, as part of your daily schedule. This alone may sound trivial, but you’d be amazed at how a simple ritual could impact the rest of your day, and ultimately – your life.

Master Your Emotions

Picture this: One bedroom apartment, two gals, and three adventurous children. That’s where I found myself after my separation…

Release — Your Situation

One of the many lesson that came through my separation was that… I do not have control on anyone else but myself.