3 Seriously Helpful Ways to Get (and stay) Inspired

Have you ever thought for a moment that maybe one day you just won’t be able to keep your business going? You’ll wake up feeling uninspired and grasping at straws to try and inject the passion back into what you do? Don’t fear. We all have those concerns.

Whether they’re fleeting or lingering, it’s just your mind telling you that you’ve got to step up your inspiration game and keep the romance going between you and your company.

Yes, I said romance. As in, passion. Excitement. Like being in love, only I’m talking about being in love with an extension of yourself – your business.

So, how do you get yourself inspired and keep yourself that way so you can have many years of AMAZING, FULFILLING, WONDERFUL success?

There are three simple tricks that work for me and I know can work for you too. Plus, they’re fun and don’t take much time so you can fit them in wherever and however it makes sense for you.



It sounds super easy, but sometimes finding things that inspire you is difficult. Especially if you’re busy and juggling a lot of commitments. It’s not easy to make time to invest in yourself and what makes YOU tick. But, you’ve got to do it. I am giving you permission.

The easiest way to get started is find a business similar to yours that you think is ideal. It looks like the person running it is having a great time, the clients are happy, and the business is a lot like you would like yours to be.

In my case, that’s other blogs. I find bloggers that inspire me and make me want to be better and by reading their posts I am filled with excitement and ideas that make me want to run back to my desk and work on my own blog.

But, it’s not enough to just find your sources of inspiration. You need to save them too. This is easy if you’re using the internet as a resource, you can just bookmark pages that inspire you.

If you are being inspired by a brick & mortar, take a brochure and anything else they offer and keep it safe for reference. Bookmark their website and if you are brave enough (and I know you are) make friends with the owner! Which brings us to the next tip…




Being in a group where everyone has similar passion and dreams of success will inspire you and push you to create more success for yourself and your business. Make friends with business owners and entrepreneurs that you admire and identify with. These people will bring insight and knowledge to the table that you probably won’t find from just reading a website or pamphlet.

The human connection is so powerful, it can lift you up on your down days and push you forward when you feel like you can’t take another step.

And, the best part?

When you connect with other people you aren’t the only one benefitting. You’ll be sharing your talents and gifts too and help inspire them in return!

For me, Empower Network makes this part easy. I am amazed at the unique and talented people that I’ve been connected with and the support I receive is SO helpful. I still network outside of Empower as well (I love people!) but I can’t say enough good things about the events and online community here.



Don’t neglect your own internal fountain of inspiration. Even things not directly connected to your business can fuel your professional success. For me, this looks like spending time with my family and envisioning all the awesome trips I want to take them on.

I am inspired by parts of my life that aren’t about my business, but they make me want to succeed. I want to be fulfilled in by my work, and because of that, I demand more of myself and my company.

Letting my mind, heart and time wander to places that feed my spirit, in turn, feeds my business because I become inspired and full of energy – which I can then choose to turn towards my blog.

Do you have something you do that makes you feel inspired? Or maybe you’ve found an awesome blogger that you can’t get enough of? Please share a link, it will be good for all of us and for them! :)



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