3 Simple Tricks To Finding Inspiration in Everything

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Have you ever met someone that’s bubbling over with enthusiasm and creativity and seems to be excited for every single day and each new opportunity? How did they get so blissfully inspired? What’s their secret…?Of course, there’s tons of different things that motivate and inspire people. Some come and go, others become a trusted source. A lot of times we find what works and keep going back to it again and again, hoping we don’t lose the spark.

But it doesn’t have to be so repetitive or “single-minded”. There is another way…

By allowing yourself to find inspiration in the little things in life, you can push yourself towards becoming a person that is just as passionate, enthusiastic and full of energy for the next project as those people you admire.

You can teach yourself to find inspiration in everything. And, lucky for you, the more you practice looking for it, the easier it will become to find it. Follow these three simple steps that I use every day to get you started.

Don’t Over Edit Your Thoughts!

One thing that I’ve probably said a hundred times (because it’s SO important) is that you have to be careful not to over edit your thoughts. A lot of us strive for perfection, so much so that we can’t stop criticizing and editing our own thoughts or feelings – even when many of them never leave our heads.

Part of learning to find inspiration in everything is catching yourself when you’re squashing your own inspiration. You’re probably more inspired than you think, you just don’t recognize it because the moment a spark happens you start overthinking it.

If you feel yourself getting on a roll, don’t stop to edit or censor your thoughts. Just let the motivation and inspiration flow freely through you. There will always be time to change it later whether it’s a thought, or a blog post. You can revisit it.

Plus, when you edit too soon there’s a tendency to cut out entire ideas. Ideas that might actually be really valuable, but since you’re cutting them immediately they don’t get their due consideration and are lost forever. Just write them down. You might want to use them at some point even if it’s not right away.

Be Ready to Capture Inspiration in the Moment!

I like to use Evernote for this. It gives me an opportunity to quickly pull the app up on my phone – no matter where I am – and type a note whenever an idea pops into my head. The app syncs to the computer, so even when I make edits or add content from my phone, it’s ready for me when I get to my computer. Super easy and convenient.

You just never know when inspiration is going to Strike. It can come from anywhere, so be ready.

Don’t Undervalue Yourself as a Source of Inspiration!

Always, always, always inject yourself into your work. Even when you have a professional blog it’s important to put your personality and what truly motivates you into your writing.

Your personality and vision is what makes you interesting and unique and attracts the right clients and readers to you. If you don’t show them your authentic self, then you won’t ever know if you’re truly making a connection with your audience since you are not actually available and present in your own work. The more of yourself and your vision you put in your work, the more creative (in your own, unique way) you’ll become and the easier it will be to keep it up.

You can inspire yourself once you realize what you’re capable of and transcend your own boundaries. Just keep sharing yourself with the world. Between what you put out there and what you get back, the inspiration will be never ending!


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