How To Create A YouTube Custom Thumbnail Using Canva (Video)

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1. What size to use.

2. How to use icons, frames, fonts

3. How to add social media icons

4. How to take advantage of the templates

5. How to use filters

6. Adding Typography

7. And other tips & tricks


Good update to mention:

1. You are able to upgrade to canva and add your own fonts now with other additional tools available.



 1. Create a large image.

Use a resolution of 1280×720 or 16:9 and make sure they’re in the format like .JPG, .GIF, .or .PNG and also make sure they are under 2MB in size.

2. Choose an image that reflects the audience you’re trying to reach.

Create an image that reflects the content of your video so your viewers will click on it out of curiosity.

3. Add text to your image.

Use large enough text so when your image is reduced to thumbnail size it can still be read in the search engines or on Facebook. You only have a few words to attract the attention of your viewers so try to emphasis one major benefit of your video content.

4. Add custom thumbnails to all your old videos.

Upload a custom thumbnail for each video so you can improve the click through rate.

Got any tips? Share them below! :)


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