3 Tips: How to Start a Blog & Get People to Read It

You can’t beat a blog when it comes to passively finding new clients, building authority in your field, and staying connected without being pushy. Read on to learn how you can start a blog, create awesome content, and start building your audience right away. Once you know what you want to write about, starting a blog is as simple as finding your host site. Whether it’s a blogging site like BlogSpot or Blogger, or if you decide to pay for your own web URL with a unique and catchy name.

Both options have benefits – for host sites it’s usually free or very inexpensive, but you pay for that with lower search engine ranking, simple or outdated formatting, and a complicated URL.

When you start a blog on your own website, not only is the web address usually simpler and easier to plug-in, but you can also get better search engine ranking. And, if you use a program like Empower Network, like I do, you get free viral marketing, insider tips to help you build your blog, and priority search ranking for everything you write!

Regardless of how you choose to blog, there’s some easy tricks that will get you noticed and help you keep your reader’s attention no matter where you write. All you have to do is remember the three essential marketing elements of every great post (especially if you want it to go viral):

  • Readable
  • Searchable
  • Sharable



You want your post to be interesting and stand out in a sea of other content, and that starts with your headline. Did you know 80% of people will read a headline, but less than 30% will actually read the full article? That’s how important a good headline is, it reels in the readers.

But, you can’t stop with a good headline alone. Once you’ve got them to your full post you’ll need valuable, engaging content that speaks to them and holds their interest.

So, how do you create a headline that makes people want to learn more? Start by using some of the oldest, most successful tricks – numbers in your headline (particularly odd numbers). They’re naturally intriguing to readers and spike their urge to learn more.

A perfect example?

Top 3 Essential Marketing Elements to Every Good Blog Post

Or you can make it sound like you’ve got information they just absolutely MUST have:

Everything You Need to Know About Viral Marketing for Your Blog


Don’t Write Another Blog Post Without Reading These Viral Blogging Tips First!

Now that you’ve got them interested in your headline, you’ve got to deliver on that eye-catching content. Above all else, you want to please the reader, and you do that by delivering quality information that not only elaborates on the headline that lured them in, but also gives them instant value. That can be as simple as offering them relaxation and pleasure, teaching them something new, or helping them feeling connected or inspired.

The list of values a blog post can deliver is nearly endless. The key is to be authentic, write your truth, and keep your headline and actual content consistent.




While having quality, readable content should always be your number one priority, having searchable content that gets you found is a close second.

A few years ago the focus was on SEO and getting found through search engines by your keywords. Unfortunately, when people were busy writing for Google they were creating a lot of keyword-stuffed garbage that wasn’t pleasant for the reader and often seemed choppy and repetitive.

Today there are still a significant amount of websites and blogs written in that older SEO style and some people even continue to make it a priority, but let me tell you now – don’t be that person. It’s not fun to write like that and it’s definitely not fun to read!

So, how should you leverage SEO and keep your content searchable the right way? You write well researched, new content that sticks to a theme. Instead of using the same keyword over and over, repeat your core message in different ways throughout the blog post.

Let me show you what I mean…

The wrong way:

Being a creative entrepreneur means that everything you do is touched by your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. When you’re an entrepreneur, you can do things your way and express your creativity however you want.

The right way:

Being a creative entrepreneur gives you the opportunity to explore your own perception of the beauty and uniqueness of life while sharing your insights with other people and making money. There’s nothing like being an entrepreneur to set your mind free and fill every day with a sense of purpose and excitement, it’s truly like living a dream.

Nowadays the quality of your content and how you stick to your theme or message is what matters the most to intuitive search engines like Google. Deliver good content that stays on topic and is enjoyable to read, and that’s really enough to get found.



This is where new information (or a spin on old information) and offering the reader instant value come in handy. If you can deliver content that moves people, inspires them, or teaches them something important, there’s a good chance they’ll share it!

People love to learn and technology has only fueled our quest for information. If you have insider tips or a new perspective, it’s a great place to start. When you write from the heart (a little cheesy, I know) you will be more likely to connect with your readers, and that’s a big part of getting them to share your content. When your post resonates with them, it becomes like an extension of themselves.

Have you ever read something and felt like it captured your thoughts perfectly? Or maybe it totally hit on a discussion you’d had earlier in the week with a friend, so you sent them a link?

That’s connection – it’s touching on something the reader already feels interested in. And, if you can do it consistently (through multiple blog posts) that’s how you not only get people to share your blogs, but also keep coming back to hear more from you!


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