How To Stop Negative Self-talk — 3 Steps

QUICK STORY… So one day my kiddos started with the desire to learn how to snap their fingers.

My daughter ended up learning before my son (she’s always just been faster at learning stuff… walking, potty training…) and of course he was so mad at her for having learned how to snap before him.

So I told him…

“Erik you need to understand that Ella kept practicing.. she didn’t stop until she got it.”

I asked him, “Do you understand what you have to do? What that means?”

He said, yes he understood (he didn’t like it but he understood).

So he continued practicing and a few days later I had two kiddos snapping their fingers in the car, at home, at the store.. everywhere.

The End.



All last week, I felt so frustrated with myself for not connecting with you.

For not knowing how to share what I know with you.

And so I had to take the same advice.


{{Mental Conversation Starts}}

Me to Me #pureselflove:

“Beautiful, you can’t be good like you want to be if you don’t start practicing. You can’t get to your goal if you don’t open up. You can’t connect with them if you don’t share your message and what you’re all about. You are awesome and you got this! You will do great. The right people will read and they will love you because you shared what you know.

And Babe… Its not really about you.

You are here to make a difference, its never really been about you but about what you are destined to do… share your story, share your knowledge and the right people will love what you’ve got to say”

{{Mental Conversation Ends}}


My desire is to help you through ‘Your Second Act‘.

Your Second Act is a stage of life and state of mind where a space begins to open up again for you….and you start to respond to the yearning to do something…. something more, something different, something deeply purposeful, something that leverages your unique experiences, the things you are passionate about, the ideas that light you up, the values that you hold close to your heart.

Your Second Act. —Heather Crabtree


Our own mental patterns are constantly creating our life experience the good and the not so good, so If we are going to start this new journey we gotta start right.. from within.

Self-love and creating a new thought pattern is the key here.

It’s like putting frosting on a spoiled cake. No matter how good the frosting looks, we have to deal with what’s under the frosting.

The frosting is positive thinking, and the cake is our unworkable beliefs that keep us from producing positive results.

I want to help you take your ideas and dreams and turn them into reality.

Let me just say its gonna take work.

You gotta work on yourself every day to break those self-limiting beliefs and change your thought patterns.

I tell you this because during my journey I’ve caught myself being like a spoiled little girl.

Yep, the kind that starts throwing a fit when she doesn’t get what she wants. I know, annoying!

But I gotta love that girl and help her out and so do you! :)

“It’s not a race it’s a journey and enjoy the journey”

So today I want to share a way to help you stop that smart-ass voice in your mind who can be so fuckin annoying sometimes when you are ready for change.

I’m guessing I was breaking through a block this past week and even though I felt like giving up and just saying “I don’t wanna do this anymore!”… I didn’t.

Because I see the progress I’ve done. And the journey has been amazing. So I decided to continue listening to my favorites Louise Hay, Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, Amanda Frances.

When those days sneak in, be kind to yourself. Treat yourself for a walk or bath, any self-love steps that will help you switch from that not so welcoming pattern.

Good To Know: The more you take control of those unwelcoming patterns or moments, the less time you spend in funk mode the next time it happens ;)




When your actions do not live up to your expectations learn to end the attack. Your self-image is what will help you move past that though time.

Negative self-talk will only bring more poor actions.

Step 1: When you hear the negative self-talk start just say (or scream) “Stop it!”

Step 2: Follow with: “I am much better than that.”

Step 3: The most important one. Say to yourself, “The next time I will do it this way… ”

Example: The next time I say something mean to someone I will apologize in that instant, I will do it this way from now on. This is the new me. I give love to others and bring out the best in them.

Create an affirmation of how you are going to do it next time. Shut off the old picture. Visualize what you want your performance to look like next time.

Step 4: Bonus.

When your actions please you and you feel so good about them say “That’s who I am” “That’s the way I am” “That’s like me” anything that helps you build your self-esteem and self-image :)

Create a new picture. You are amazing. You are worthy. Choose happiness. Share your story.



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  1. Hi Yemima! I hopped over from the Savvy FB group. Just wanted to let you know this post was lovely. Really appreciated the analogy of great frosting on a spoiled cake. Made it so easy to connect. And the story about your kids learning to snap? So precious. Great reminder to stick with it.
    Hope the rest of your week is lovely!

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