Kiss Your Self-Limiting Beliefs Goodbye!

Being an entrepreneur can really put your dedication and vision to the test. In a world where there’s a hundred people to tell you no, you’ve got to find the one who will tell you “YES!” The good news is, you can be the one to tell yourself “YES!”, but you’ve got to believe in yourself, have faith in the process and be relentless in pursuit of your dream. How do you get there?

It’s easier than you think – but first things first, you need to leave those self-limiting beliefs behind you starting now. Here’s 2 quick, psychology-based tips to get you on your way to taking names and kicking business-butt, limitations be damned!

  • Eliminate self-doubt
  • Take it slow – address each self-limiting belief as it comes up



The root of all our self-limiting beliefs is actually self-doubt. We feel inadequate, unprepared, unworthy, the list goes on. And, there’s a real sneaky caveat to self-doubt that a lot of people don’t realize – it’s the ugly side of being intelligent and contentious.

Because you’re smart and you care about what you do and how you act in the world, you’re quick to doubt your own input.

Once you understand that your self-doubt is, in part, an expression of your own desire to do well, excel, and deliver a quality service to the world; it becomes easier to eliminate it.

The key is planning. Plan how you will overcome your own objections.

If you doubt that you can successfully run a blogging business, research how others do it and plan according to what you see that works. If you are doubtful that people will want to read what you write, make it about them – not you – and find out what they ALREADY like to read.

See how this works? You make a plan to succeed, one that directly addresses your fears and doubts.

Instead of letting self-doubt stop you from trying, let it motivate you to plan and consider the various options so you can succeed, and remember, success is a journey. Even if it doesn’t come right away, it doesn’t mean your doubts were correct, it just means to keep pushing forward. Get help, use your resources, and continue to plan using what you learn along the way.




Once you address the core issue of self-doubt, you can begin to address the nagging self-limiting beliefs. These are the more specific expressions of your doubt. And, they sound like exactly what they are – limitations that you’ve set for yourself.

Squashing them starts with being patient and taking them one at a time, as they come up. But, instead of waiting around for your next limited thought, you can make two lists that will help you crush those doubts head-on.

The first list is everything that you are good at, you can rank it in order of what you do best to what you’re just good at, or you can leave it mixed, it doesn’t matter either way. Make sure you’re generous, even if you’re not “the best” at something, you can still be good at it. If that’s the case, then write it down!

The second list you’re going to make is a real, honest analysis of areas you could improve in. When you’re writing this list, imagine it’s being written by someone who loves and believes in you but also knows you very well.

Don’t let any lingering doubts make this list longer than it really should be. You want to keep it to specific activities and parts of your business where you still feel you could grow or improve, that’s it.

Now that you’ve got your two lists, read them over and over – particularly the one of what you’re good at. Think about the value you would place on someone else who was able to offer all those skills; it would be pretty high, right? It should be the same for yourself, because that’s the value your clients are getting from working with you.

Even if you don’t have to use every area for each client, you’re still capable of using it, and there’s value in simply having it be an option. You are a whole person, not just the sum of your parts and that’s why what you do and who you are shouldn’t be limited by the second list.

You’re not only what you lack, you are what you’re good at!

Now you have concrete examples of the value you’re bringing to every endeavor. Next time a self-limiting doubt creeps into your mind, pull out your list of what you’re good at and counter that negative, limited thought by acknowledging why you shouldn’t set that limit, why you’re better than that limitation.

Want to go even further? Use the second list as an opportunity to make the first list longer. Take a course to improve what you can, or try networking with people who have strengths where you have a weakness and learn from them. As you get better and learn more, the list of weak points will get shorter and your list of strengths will grow.

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  1. I could relate to this whole post! Actually reading that my desire to excel and my fear of not being able to excel to my own standards hit the nail on the head. Really great Yemima!

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