making your own rules.

A little bit about me, I currently work with this gal I totally love, Amanda Frances, she’s a business coach for spiritual entrepreneurs and since I edit most of her training and courses, I was editing one today in particular where she talks about making your own rules, that money can come from anywhere as long as you believe you are worthy of more.

The only problem is most of the times we don’t believe it and so we don’t receive.

Today I want to make my own rules, I “labeled” myself as a creative, heart-centered and spiritual entrepreneur but recently after taking this quiz, I discovered that I’m also a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur — and this makes total sense and its like a breath of fresh air. If you want to learn more about it visit that site to take the quiz, it could be helpful for you if you feel like a crazy person sometimes, like I did.

So anyway, I wanted to write down the rules that I this moment are in my heart or vibing all over my body. They will probably change, the words may evolve but at this moment these words connect with what I feel in my body.


With a hand on my heart, I know that:

I don’t have to share my entire personal life online to create an unbelievable income.

I don’t have to please the world to be happy.

I don’t have to work hard (by hard I mean slaving myself over something I don’t love and or my business taking over my life) to make money.

The Uniserve is always guiding me, I always KNOW, I feel it all over my body when its time to move directions and its ok for me to change my mind.

I can trust myself.

My art doesn’t drain me it renews me.


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