Learn How To Master Networking to Grow Your Business and Your Brand

As someone who LOVES Empower Network, I am big on networking and connecting with people who inspire and support me. Through trial and error, I have found a few things that I do during every introduction that help me create lasting connections instead of just a hello & goodbye kind of chat.



Every business makes a promise to their customers. That’s your brand. Maybe you want to offer recipe tips that help busy moms feed their families nutritious food in less time, or maybe you want to blog about travel and art or other things that give people a mental escape.

Whatever it is you are offering and delivering, that’s your brand promise.

But there’s more to successful networking than just knowing your brand. You also need to be able to deliver the essential elements of your business and why you matter in an interesting & brief way – that’s where the elevator pitch comes in.

Define the most intrigue and fundamental elements of your brand, what you do, and why it matters and be ready to (comfortably & confidently) verbally deliver that information in about one minute.

How do you do that?

Well, focus on answering these three questions: • What – what is it that you do? • How – how do you do what you do? What’s your method of delivery? • Why – why is THIS your business and why does what you do matter?

Once you know the answers you want to share, practice, practice, practice your pitch!

You don’t want it to sound canned, you just want to internalize your set of core ideas that allow you to confidently and without hesitation explain who you are & what you offer every time you meet someone.



Just like you need to share the elevator pitch with those you meet, you’ll need to listen to their pitch too. Some people will be better at delivering it than others.

The key is you need to open your ears for the HOW and the WHY of their business.

Why? Because most of the time that will tell you everything you need to know about why that person is unique, how you two connect & overlap and even give insight into the potential relationship that could develop.

Example: If I meet someone I can share that I am a blogger (that’s my “what”) and that I offer my ideas & posts through a unique platform (Empower Network, my “how”) then I can tell them why my business matters (I help others create their own online empires and also generate income through Empower Network).

Now someone meeting me will understand how what I do could apply to their business, where we could possibly work together, and the kind of work I would be most interested in doing (helping entrepreneurs online).




When you have your elevator pitch polished you can take the time to really listen to the people you meet. Instead of worrying about what you’re going to say, you can know that you’ve got an easy way to explain your business and passions and allow that person to do the same. Sweeten the deal even more by listening to their interests and offering them something unique to you that they can use.

Maybe it’s a guest post you could do to drive traffic to their site (and yours) or maybe you’ll send them a great resource you’ve found that it sounds like they can use too. Instant value for them, just because they know you now, they are benefiting. That makes you stick out in their memory much better than a simple business card alone. :)

If you take the time to practice these networking skills, it will make a world of difference for you and the people you meet. I promise you’ll notice a difference in how people talk with you, the relationships you build, and even your comfort level with meeting new professionals.

Have you tried some of these techniques yet? I’d love to hear about how they worked for you and anything you want to add!

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