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Picture this: One bedroom apartment, two gals, and three adventurous children. That’s where I found myself after my separation; I did not even have a room to lock myself into to cry my rivers of tears, but luckily there was a bathroom…. Thank God for those!!!  

The one bedroom apartment belonging to this amazing soul, my sister, who kindly allowed me and my children to move in after my separation because my home was just not home anymore and just being there was very sad.

If I felt an emotional roller coasters coming… I’d say, “Guys I have to go to the restroom.” One thing you should know, my kids are in the stage that even in the restroom I am not allowed to be without them. :/ Yes I know! My three year old would literally try to kick the door down if I even tried locking the door (lol).

I would often announce that I had to go to the restroom. I think my sister knew because she would sometimes tell them, “Let your mom go to the restroom alone. Let’s do/watch…” and she would just keep their attention. Well, during my restroom time, I would lock myself inside the closet (there is one inside her bathroom) and cry, cry, cry… BUT (and this is IMPORTANT) I would not just cry, I would cry and Tap! What the heck is Tapping? Well its really called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and this thing saved my absolute life.

Yes, as my last two blogs said, Surround Yourself With The Right People and Release… Yes, you need it all, but this tool just makes miracles and it allowed me to move forward easily and seamlessly. This tool allowed me to master my emotions.


Learn To Master Your Emotions

Without this tool I would not be here and you would not be reading this. If you are having emotional roller coasters in this time of your life and you feel like the emotions just keep taking over or if you are stressed, frustrated, angry (we can have so many emotions at the same time) then tapping may be for you. This is a tool that allows you to process your emotions and control your triggers. Triggers are the things that cause you to have the break down. For example: Listening to that beautiful song that just reminds you of your situation. After tapping, I can honestly say that I am now able to enjoy the songs that I love and allow memories to come up without having tears rolling down my cheeks or having an emotional breakdown… its AMAZING!

If there was one thing I would recommend to my beautiful daughter if she was ever going through a rough time in her life it would be this freaking awesome tool! Nick & Jessica Ortner created The Tapping Solution, a site that is exclusively devoted to tapping (EFT).

“Tapping utilizes the body’s energy meridian points by stimulating them with your fingertips – literally tapping into your body’s own energy and healing power.”

While you tap you describe in detail in a precise manner as possible the emotions and pain you are feeling. As you feel your pain, processing it as you go, tapping will allow you to release it. You follow this with statements of gratitude and pure self love.

For example: Even though this separation is so painful and I am so afraid, I completely love and accept myself.

Tapping has saved my life! In the second video below I demonstrate the “pretty version” of how I tap (without all the tears, shouting, and being unable to catch my breath :)) …. This is a silent how-to for you so you can personalize it to your situation. You can simply just follow along. I always wanted a video like this in the beginning when I was first learning the correct spots. I really hope this is helpful to you as much as it was to me and if you are not in need of this tool right now maybe share it with someone who might be needing a break right now.

I also included an introduction video (the first video below) by Nick & Jessica (originally filmed for their 2013 Tapping World Summit), where they explain exactly how EFT tapping works and why it is so effective. It is a 22 minute video so grab a cup of coffee while you listen to get a full explanation, along with a visual demonstration on EFT Tapping. There are also many resources and videos online with examples of phrases and affirmations to include in your tapping experience.


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