How to Start Your Day Happy by Amanda Frances

How To Start Your Day Happy by Amanda Frances #mondaymotivation

1. Take three deep breaths. That first moment in the morning is so important. Often we wake up because we are jolted by the alarm, become aware of our screaming child, or hear our noisy manfriend getting ready. In that moment it’s easy to let dread, annoyance or some other negative emotion feel our minds. This is a habit I’d like you to stop.

2. Say Thank You. As you realize you are awake, before you pick up your phone and leap into another day STOP and say thank you.

“Thank you God that I am alive, that I have that screaming child, that I have a job to go to/business to run, and this roof to live in.” Allow the gratitude list to go on as long as you’d like.

3. Ask for Help. What is on your mind? What were you about to dread for today? What are you afraid of? What has you off-center?

Inhale. “God, I need your help. I need help with my annoying boss, my sick grandmother, my presentation, the launch of my new course. I need help with my confidence when I see that cute guy that works at the coffee shop. I ask for your guidance.” And release. Acknowledge that each of things is being taken care of. See each fear melt away. You are being guided, protected and taken care of.

4. Know you are being guided.

You have just tuned into yourself and into divine guidance. You have given God the opportunity to work with you from the get go. You have the foundation for an amazing day. You are supported. You are okay. You are on your way.

5. Start your day.

Open your eyes. Get out of bed slowly. Put one foot on the ground at a time. Don’t rush.


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