You know those times when one week you are all over your man and the next week you look at him and say, I’m not happy

and then you kinda start blaming him for it.

and then there’s the disconnect.

and you start feeling like maybe you are not good enough.

maybe y’all are not meant to be.

but then you realize its deeper than that.

and the “problem” is not him, its within.

you are unhappy because you are stuck.

you are not growing.

you are not moving forward.

and because its easier to blame someone else.

if you are like me, you tried “following the plan”

BUT MY WORD that is slowly killing you…

you are the type of person that needs growth…
that needs change…

that needs to challenge themselves…

…life is more fun when you get that nervous feeling of something amazing is coming.

you want to face the fear head-on…

but at the same time, that fear is what’s stopping you.

so, you find yourself at a standstill because it’s a mixture of both.


Today, I ask you to stop looking outside of yourself for the answers.

stop making excuses for why you are not going for your next big thing.

stop putting such big pressure on someone who has a different dream than yours and is trying to deal with their own fears.

for many years I’ve had a desire to help women heal their broken heart.

for many years I’ve had a desire to help women expand.

help them see life with different eyes.

help them stop letting life happen to them and instead decided to take charge and start checking off their craziest dreams.


I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur and once upon a time, I dreamed of getting paid to do what I loved.

…and that was making pretty things online.

I didn’t know what that meant.

I didn’t know how that could be possible but then I met this girl Amanda Frances

and she rocked my world.

we teamed up and we both helped each other reach our crazy dreams.

one day I woke up and my dream was my reality.

I was creating pretty things and getting paid for it. #mindblowing

did I go to school to learn all these cool things?! nope.

I had a desire, I did everything I could to learn what I had to learn and I took action.

I took steps towards something I COULD NOT see the end to.

I didn’t really know how I would do it, how it could even be possible…

but I believed.

I took action.

I trusted my gut instincts.

I knew inevitably God would meet me halfway.

was it scary?!

heck yeah, it was.

it was ter-ri-fying.

but I was open to receiving.

I walked with an open mind.

and then things came along during the journey that helped…

– books…
(like you are a badass, ask and it is given, beyond positive thinking)

– life tools…
like tapping/EFT that helped me stay sane through the journey.
(what is tapping? ⇢ howtappingworks.xoxoyemima.com)

– and a magical course: the Money Mentality Makeover that helped me conquer my mind over and over again.


During my darkest days, I was listening to the MMM course over and over and over again.

back then my mind was working on autopilot…

I was not in a good place I could not switch from negative to positive fast enough, I needed the help, I needed someone who was in the next level to show me the way.

I used to dread waking up. I just knew I had a [mind] battle to face and I dreaded it BUT I was not going down without a fight…
so before my feet touched the floor, I’d put my headphones on and hit play on module one.

every day, my negative thoughts, my fears, my “reality” wanted to take over…

I was separated from husband.

I was raising three kids on my own.

I had quit my job to go for a dream I had no idea what it looked like.

but this course helped me, it saved me over and over again, year after year. ♥

a little inside into my mind as I listened to the #moneymentalitymakeover ok, so I purchase this course when Amanda was my life coach (I was not helping her with design or video editing at all during this time) and there was this one part in module one where Amanda repeated herself and I always wanted to take it out.

every time I listened I knew when that part was coming up and desired with all my might to edit it out. lol

well, about a year later or so I started my journey with Amanda Frances and one day I found myself editing that part out…. and Yes! it was a beautiful moment.  #manifestationatitsbest


Every day I did my part to stay on the path, my part to feel better, to be grateful for where I was in that moment.

I sent signals to the Universe through my actions that I was here, doing my part… and God heard me.

magical things started happening.

thing unfolded for my good.

things I could not have planned.

things I could not have envisioned.

but because I trusted…

and I didn’t trust all 24 hours of the day.

because I am a human and fear still took over at times…

but I took time every day to feel my future.

to smile at what I knew was coming.

to be grateful for my healed marriage.

grateful for the beautiful work I would be doing.

grateful for the love that I would have for the people I worked with.

grateful for the magical trips I would take.

grateful for the love that my person would have for me.

…back then I could not hold the feeling of all the good things that were coming for too long…

but I tried every day.

I practiced.

[prac·tice: perform (an activity) or exercise (a skill) repeatedly or regularly in order to improve or maintain one's proficiency.]

At first, it was 1 min.

then 5 minutes.

then I was vibing high for an hour.

I started learning what made me feel good.

how I could keep the feeling going longer.

podcast helped. audiobooks helped. music helped. empowering youtube videos helped. using my creativity helped. walking and taking pictures helped. holding my kids helped. praying at nights with my kids and holding the vision with them helped. talking to women who got it helped.

I started figuring out what helped through each season of my life.

now, I live in this high of gratitude that I cannot explain.

yes, life still happens.

my husband and I still can drive each other crazy but it’s not the same.

my kids can call me “mommy” a thousand times a day but it’s no the same.
life is not the same once you learn to play it in your favor…

and once you really KNOW how powerful you really are…

once you realize that you are in charge of how your life unfolds…

once you take back your power…

life gets to be so good that you could just cry, dance, laugh, hug… do all the things that make you feel good.


Through my journey, I’ve learned many things but my favorite two are:

One: the more you feel the dream in your present moment and be grateful for your life the faster it comes.

And two: having someone who can hold those visions with you is powerful. having someone to support you. having someone to be present with you, and help you hold the vision: makes the magic unfold faster. your energies coming together can create new and bigger waves.


Because of these two lessons, today, I’m introducing my new Private and Intimate Coaching Package, this is for you if:

  • you are tired of fear holding you back.
  • you need… something. You’re not quite sure what it is but you’re ready for clarity to show up in your life.
  • you desire hope and inspiration.
  • you are seeking to live a life in simplicity and ease.
  • your soul needs its soul sister.
  • you need to talk things out with someone who stands in neutral ground
  • you desire to connect with someone who sees the good, supports you through the unknown moments, someone who’s been there and can cheer you on through your journey

We all need help sometimes… but even if we know this, we don’t always know where to go for the support that will make the difference that we seek.

I’m here to help you start playing life in a whole new way.

I would be honored to guide you and help you see the answers that live within you.

This Package Is Perfect For You If:
  • you are ready to take charge of your life
  • you are ready to become the person you want to be
  • you are ready to stop living on autopilot
  • you are ready to live life in ease and simplicity (no more stress mode!)
  • you are ready to let love fall all over your life

This private and intimate package is my special invitation to a new way of doing life.

You will receive a full month of text and audio support with me along with 4 one-on-one sessions.

This is the lowest price it will EVER be!

I almost didn’t share this but last night I was sitting in my son's basketball practice wishing I could text someone the fears I was feeling before I hit published on this post and then i had a ‘duh moment’....


Because I understand. Because it’s something I wish I had when my 'reality' didn’t quite match who I was becoming.


———— T H E   N E X T   S T E P
: : :   V E R Y   I M P O R T A N T : : :
——   Y O U   H A V E   T W O   O P T I O N S


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I’m so excited about the potential of us working together!

You, just reading this, and vibing high signaled to the entire universe that you are ready for more!

xx: love you!







Full Disclosure: I’m a proud alumni and affiliate partner of Amanda Frances’ Money Mentality Makeover course. I don’t recommend anything lightly and I fully believe in this program. I may earn a referral fee if you take the course from my recommendation. All of my opinions are 100% my own.

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