#pureselflove — Love Letter For The Creative, Heart-Centered Entrepreneur

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It’s been over a year since my separation and over a year that I hired my first life coach, Amanda Frances. After my separation I ran to self-love. I’ve been in the process of discovering and figuring out exactly what self-love, success, life all means to me.I found myself in a new path in need of inspirational words and this is how #pureselflove letters got started. I needed some pure love in my life as I was dealing with my separation, growing my blog and figuring out how I was going to turn it into my full time income now as a single mom of three.

I needed something I could run to when in need of inspiration, reminders, affirmation, a mantra. These letters have actually been going out to my subscribers one every week for five weeks but today I decided I wanted to share one with you here.

I will say that these letters have the entrepreneur in mind but we all need a pick me up from time to time. We all have unique experiences and my hope is that this letter will make you feel loved, inspired and empowered in your journey.

#pureselflove letters

Today is the day you start giving back to yourself.

You deserve some of your own time and focus.

You have earned your own love and affection.

It’s time to pour that energy you’re spending on everything else into YOU.

The kids will be ok, your spouse, partner – all other obligations will be OK.

You can make time for yourself and love on yourself.

The rest of your life will not grind to a halt.

In fact, your life will be better for it. Every time you focus on your dreams and making them a reality, you’re sending a message to the universe about what you want and how worthy you are. And, what’s more – you become a beacon, an example for others to follow as they chase their own dreams. Show them to recognize their own worth by recognizing yours.

Rewards come to those who are ready and willing to receive them. And you’re more than ready. You’ve earned your success.

It doesn’t matter that the path wasn’t always perfect. It doesn’t matter if you made mistakes (or lots of mistakes).

All that matters is that you keep moving forward and making progress. You’re never losing points, you only gain them and what feels like two-steps backwards is just you standing still.

You are getting there.

Every goal you accomplish… Each occasion you rise to meet… is more proof of how amazing, incredible, wonderful, and capable you are.

The universe is ready to reward you.

Are you ready to accept?

Your beautiful mantra:

“I deserve my own time and energy. I am worthy of peace, inspiration, and success just as I am. Just for being me.”

Message me if you would like to share your story or any thoughts on this letter, I would love to hear from you!

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