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Not to start on a very spiritual note, but taking in cognizance Mathew 9:29 – be it done unto you according to your faith.

A very powerful but insightful verse – what you want will come to you if you believe.

The law of attraction, LOA has been in existence since the beginning of time, some know how to use it to their advantage, others not so much but in all entity, it is the most powerful force that can change your whole perception on what life is and can be for you.





What is Scripting?

Well, in plain terms; it is writing down your life. That’s it. You know when you had to write down the negative aspect of your life just to feel better or get over heartbreak, disappoint or a betrayal. It worked because you felt better afterward.

Have you ever asked yourself why/how it worked? It worked because you used scripting to rid yourself of the negative energy in and around you for some peace and happiness.

The same idea works for attracting positivity through scripting. The difference is now you write into existence what you want to happen in your life.



For example, you want to finish a book you had in mind by December – you can write something like – finally, my book is done and all publication, promotion are underway. I have a book signing and have publishers on my neck to have more copy. It feels good, starting on the next book soon.

This is scripting your dreams, fantasy and hopes into existence. So scripting is a law of attraction technique that empowers you to take control of your reality before it comes to pass. It is the power to design your own destiny and follow the paths to achieve it.

Undoubtedly, scripting is the most powerful law of attraction to get your life transformed immediately.

The question is: How to your use scripting to attract what you need in your life?

Deciding on scripting as a way to empower the law of attraction in your life to manifest spiritual and personal development is extraordinary, but how do you start.

What are the requirements that will enable you to start scripting right? Below and all over this post, you are going to find my favorite tips on how to start scripting your reality into existence.



Script as though that dream has already come to pass

Sounds like building castles in the air, but that is the power of triggering your law of attraction to wake up. When you speak as though it has happened, you automatically generate happy energy and vibe that allows you to focus and see clearly how and what you want to speak into existence.

For example, script how it feels to drive your new car through the neighborhood or how it feels like to wear two dress sizes down or start taking orders for your new business.

Speak into existence what and how you want it to happen. You don’t have to write a whole page, just the main idea and stay committed.



Script your day into Existence

The law of attraction works best for positive energy. For your manifestation to actually happen, you have to be grateful and show that appreciation in your scripting.

This starts by speaking into existence how you want your day to go – because how the day goes will determine how you will be able to call into existence the long term goals, and dream that we have spoken on previously.

Every day is a gift, how we decide to use it is a choice we make on our own. For example, you can say something like, I will not get angry today at work because I am happy to be alive and have a job; I will have a wonderful time during my presentation, and be awarded for it or that promotion news will reach me today because I deserve it.



Giving Back

All these words of declaration and pulling on the law of attraction don’t just happen just because you speak it; it happens because you have triggered a higher power to come into your existence and turn your reality around.

So it is only fair that you acknowledge this power/force/God/Mother Earth or whatever you decide to call it and appreciate it.

For example, you can’t seek love and happiness when you are not willing to give even a gnat of it. If you seek wealth, be willing to put in some hard work or assist from the little you have, but either way, giving back to the universe for listening to you and granting the request is part of giving back.

So to end your scripting for the day, appreciate and give back to the power/energy assisting in aligning your thoughts by attracting your law of attraction to you.



Common Scripting Mistakes

Well, like everything in life, when it is not done right, you lose the essence of it and the law of attraction that will enable it.

Some mistakes to avoid when scripting are:

  • If you don’t feel it, don’t script it.

Scripting is free thinking – don’t over think the situation, the dream or what reality you want but just let it flow. If the feeling isn’t right, you are already negative energy blocking the alignment of that dream becoming a reality.

  • Let your Reality be Real

We all want to achieve goals and do a million things, but part of scripting is to be truthful and honest about our goals and reality. For example, if you are scripting wealth into your life, be specific, and add a range, this way you are able to commit better than not at all.

  • Not believing the Power of Scripting

What you want will come to you – your part is to script your potential reality, the universe or whatever spiritual being you believe in will take up the second part.

Scripting allows you to create your own future rather than “waiting for it to happen”; enabling you to be part of your own life story.













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