Simple Process to Accomplish the Things You Truly Want

If you are struggling going through some tough times.. you are not alone.

If you are struggling going through some tough times.. you are not alone.

Every successful person went through times where they were questioning what they were doing and they came out in the other end because they kept going.

If you are focused on creating a successful life let me tell you… quitting will not increase the speed. It will not speed up the process because it is a process. It is a process that we all must go through, that the most successful people have gone through. 

There is no monumental gap between where you are and success. – Ray Higdon


…Quick and Funny Story


My 1st grader’s homework. :|   (We both laughed while he wrote it) 

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Fun Facts About Me:

I was born in Monterrey, Mexico ● raised in Dallas, TX ● I’m a total Aquarius and I love it! ● karaoke: makes me feel like I have superpowers ● I will dance to anything after a shot or two ● I ♥ → romantic comedies ● pretty things inspire me ● capturing moments in video or photo brings me joy ● always wanted to be in a music video [a little embarrassed about that one!] ● blogging and social media are my favorite type of artwork ● I may be just a little obsessed with astrology (if we ever meet, know, I’m totally trying to guess your sun, moon and rising sign). 

I believe:

in God ● co-creating ● mantras ● miracles ● manifesting ● affirmations ● law of attraction ● love ● travel ● freedom ● alone time ● laws of the universe ●  journaling ● vision boards ● gratitude ● simplicity ● ease