Moments I want to remember as I walk this journey. ♥

I’ve been listening to a lot of audios, videos and reading books sharing how important it is to take time for yourself to think about where you want to go, what you want in life and business.

So I got a big desire to take a weekend to escape and focus on what I want to achieve in the next months and to do some inspired action over a weekend.

My goal was to book a hotel and take off Friday & Saturday, lots of things are happening that I have not made time to book it nor put money aside for it.

But my desire for that time had a purpose and I was clear why I wanted it… so crazy story, this Sunday (03.22.15), my husband (its complicated.. we are separated but not divorce so I still get to call him husband and plus we have a good-at-times relationship because we live in different towns.. back to the story) tells me that the company has reserved an apartment for him for two weeks while he is in my town for training (Dallas, TX) and he wont be using it much, the apartment is furnished, it has wifi and in a beautiful area.. aah!

As he is speaking and sharing this with me:

..I am in shock.

..I’m excited as heck!

..and completely in a “WHAT?!?” mode.

Asking for what you want and trusting the universe will take care of it, is just too cool!

Better than I could have ever planned. 😀

Thank you God!

Ask for what you want, know why you want it, and trust that it will come in your way or better.

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