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Until one day I was no longer a “wife”, we separated. I found myself confused, angry, hurt and in a lot of pain. My heart literally ached non-stop for weeks. I had no idea where my life was going. I was feeling out of place. Not having a “home” anymore was painful. I was very emotional during this time, tears would run down my cheeks and I had no control over them. I could feel all the emotions taking over my life.

Until I decided that this, what I was going through was going to be for the better. I knew there was a purpose for this time God had given me. There was a purpose for the pain I was feeling. This could not be for nothing. I made a decision to switch it and view it as an adventure. I started to wonder what would happen if I didn’t give up on my life? If I took time for me? To become a better version of myself? I started thinking maybe this is part of our journey. Maybe we’ll be one of those testimonials that I’ve heard about on Family Life Today or Marriage Today… just maybe.

My love story is not an ordinary story. This is not a story about a young couple who loved each other, lost themselves and then found each other. This is a love story of how I started my journey of pureself-love. I can’t give you answers on my marriage because I don’t know where it’s going. The love story with my husband is still unfolding. It has not reached an ending, but I can tell you that where ever we end up this time apart has taught me that I must always make sure to love myself first. Self-love is what I was lacking for a very long time and now that I am in this amazing journey… I now know why I felt confused, lost, alone, and not treasured in my marriage.

And that’s because I was not loving me, I was not treasuring myself.

Today, on that same description box on every social media profile I write: ♥ Learning the ins and outs of pure self-love while raising a princess, two knights and creating a beautiful online empire.



To create a beautiful place where you can come and be inspired, encouraged and empowered {everyday} to design your own destiny in life and business. My desire is to inspire you to create your {original artwork} in life. To encourage you to pursue your {true passion}. I want this to be a place where the busyness of this world stops and your mind is replenish becoming self- empowered and energized to take action, where the desire of self-love begins to spark in you.


Capturing and cherishing all the little moments. Soulmates. Marriage. Co-designing your own destiny. Finding your purpose. Getting clear on your desires. Learning. Growing. Teaching. Prosperity. Abundance. Beauty. Simplicity. Creating beautiful things.

– “When we create we breath”

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Learning the ins & outs of #pureselflove while raising a princess and two knights.

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